Treatment of urinary lithiasis without surgery
In the last three decades, the treatment of urinary lithiasis (urinary tract calculi) has undergone remarkable changes, with the implementation of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) lithotripsy.

Due to its increased non-invasiveness, high efficacy and reduced complications, extracorporeal lithotripsy has now become the first option in the treatment of patients with renal and ureteral calculus, significantly reducing the number of open surgical interventions.

In the Family Health Center “Galaxy” it is used the “Piezolith 3000”, produced by the German company Richard Wolf: the latest generation lithotripter, to perform extracorporeal lithotripsy, allowing for efficient disintegration of the calculi in the urinary tract.

Lithotripsy makes possible to fragment stones from the kidneys and ureters without open surgery, which is traumatic and often leads to patient disability.

The treatment of urinary lithiasis with the Piezolith 3000 system does not require anesthesia and is easily supported by patients. Both children and the elderly can be treated. There are no contraindications for patients suffering from obesity. The procedure lasts 30 minutes, after which you will forget the urolithiasis problems.