Orthopedics and Traumatology

Arthroscopic interventions:
– Diagnostic arthroscopy
– Arthroscopic meniscectomy;
– Arthroscopic debridement;
– Arthroscopic suture of the meniscus;

Classical interventions:
– Reconstruction of the ligament apparatus of joints;
– Removal of the synovial cyst of the Beker subpathic fossa;
– Ventralization of tibial tuberosity;
– Securing the bed supporting ligaments on the side;
– Operations on tendons and aponeurosis;
– Osteosynthesis of the patella;
– Claviculus osteosynthesis;
– Osteosynthesis of decranone;
– Osteosynthesis of metacarpal bones;
– Osteosynthesis of metatarsal bones;
– Osteosynthesis of phalanges;
– Osteosynthesis (reconstruction) in the talo-crural region;
– Osteotomy (osteosynthesis) of the tibia;
– Halux valgus correction;
– Osteosynthesis of radio- ulnar bones;
– Osteosynthesis (reconstruction) of the shoulder region;
– Knee endoprosthesis;
– Hip endoprosthesis;


– Nerve and tendon suture;
– Neurolysis, tenolysis;
– Tendon plastering in 2 stages;
– Transposition of tendons (Djanelidze);
– Skin scars after scar removal;
– Vascular peduncle flaps;
– Surgical treatment of Dupuytren contracture (malady);
– Operations with osteosynthesis;

Interventions on the spine

– Endoscopic and classic on herniated disc;
– Lumbar stenosis;
– Spinal trauma;
– Transcutaneous vertebroplasty;