Neurologist’s Consultation

Neurologist’s Consultation for adult:

Examen instrumental:
– M-ultrasound;
-Doppler transcranial vessels;
– Headaches of different origins (acute and chronic);
– Sequelae of cranio-cerebral traumas and associated strokes;
– Vascular pathologies;
– Encephalopathies of different genesis;
– Vertigo, weakness, sleep disturbance, attention and memory;
– Depressive and anxious states (acute and chronic);
Invasive manipulation:
– Paravertebral block;
– The parasacral block;
– Acupuncture.

Neurologist’s consultation for children

Even if the child is healthy, it is advisable to consult the neurologist for prophylactic purposes at the age of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 months and 1, 2, 3, 6 years.
Symptoms of neurological diseases:
– Headaches.
– Loss of knowledge.
– Sleep disorder.
– Somnambulism (Pathological condition that manifests itself through automatic execution and unconscious, during sleep, of an activity that the patient does not remember to wake up).
– Tics (uncoordinated movements of the body and face).
– Seizures.
– Engine disruptions.

The neurologist deals with some developmental issues, including:
– Delayed speech development.
– Logoneurosis.
– Enuresis (spontaneous and unconscious loss of urine).
– Hyperactivity.
The neurologist deals with mood disorders and behavior, including:
– Aggressivity.
– Phobia (sick, obsessive and unmotivated).
Sleep disorder.
– Emotional instability.
– Conflict behavior at home and in society