1. Consultation of the dentist;

2. Prophylaxis of dental pathologies;
– Filling of teeth with fluorinated lacquer;
– Sealing of fissures of temporary and permanent teeth;
– Ultrasonic cleaning of dental tart;

3. Therapeutic Services:
– Treatment of tooth decay and defects of naughty origin with chemical intake materials;
– Treatment of dental caries of defects of no caries origin with photopolymerizable materials;
– Restoration of teeth with photopolymerizable materials;
– Treatment of pulpitis;
– Treatment of periodontitis;
– Treatment of paradontitis

4. Prosthetic Services:
– Making molded crowns;
– Making acrylic crowns;
– Manufacture of metalacrylic crowns;
– Creation of metalloceramic crowns;
– Making Acrylic Partially Acceptable Prostheses;
– Manufacture of arching partially movable prostheses;
– Manufacture of fully mobile prostheses;
– Manufacture of fully removable mobile prostheses;
– Repairing and rebasing of acrylic prostheses