The department of therapy

Head of Department, PhD, Associate Professor Anatol Scorpan

The General Therapy section was opened in 2004. The treatment is done on 10 beds. For the activity of the department, all diagnostic and treatment subdivisions of the Family Health Center “Galaxia” are used. In the provision of the medical assistance all the staff of the department demonstrate the high professionalism.

Patients with chronic diseases of internal organs, pulmonary, cardiac, rheumatological, neurological, nephrological and other chronic diseases and for recovery purposes are hospitalized in the therapy section.


Chronic bronchitis
Bronchial asthma


Acute rheumatic fever
Reactive arthritis
Osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis
Psoriatic arthropathy
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Bursitis, tendovaginita
Ankylosing spondyloarthritis
Diffuse collagen diseases without serious signs of internal organ damage and high activity


Chronic heart failure II – III NIHA
Mild and medium miocarditis
Acquired and congenital valvulopathy
Arterial hypertension


Chronic gastrites
Ulcer gastroduodenal
Gastroesophageal reflux
Chronic cholecystitis
Chronic pancreatitis
Chronic hepatitis
Hepatic cirrhosis compensated and undercompensated
The intestinal dysmicrobism
Irritable colon disease


Recurrent chronic urticaria
Food Allergy


Chronic unobstructive pyelonephritis


TCC sequelae were mildly closed with intracranial hypertensive syndrome
Sequelae after cerebral infarction with minor neurological defect
Vegetative over-segmental dysfunctions.
Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (root syndrome, musculo-tonic, myofascial, etc.) Chronic CVD:
1. Discirculatory encephalopathies 2. Insufficiency of basal vertebrae

In the department, it is considered as a priority to implement new methods of diagnosis and treatment in practice.