Oftalmologist’s Consultation

– Accuracy of vision (autorefractometry);
– Appreciation of the field of vision;
– color separation test;
– Measurement of intraocular pressure;
– Computerized diagnosis;
– Biomicroscopic examination;
– Ophthalmoscopy (eyebrow examination)

– Optical correction for eyeglasses and contact lenses;
– Surveillance and treatment of patients with pathologies of the retina, optic nerve, glaucoma, myopia;
– Restoration treatment in myopia – medical and optical exercises;
– Treatment of hypermetropia and astigmatism;
– Treatment of inflammatory pathologies of the conjunctiva and cornea;
– Treatment of eyelid demodecosis;

– Providing primary ophthalmological care in emergencies (impacts, corneal erosion, foreign corneal and conjunctive objects, eye burns);
– Protecting the tear paths;
– Parabulbar and subconjunctival injections;
– Eyelid massage; – removing the eyelid halal;
Instrumental treatment:
– Radiodistruction of papillomas, contagious molluscs and pterygium on eyelids with Surgitron apparatus;
– Using phosphen-stimulator;
– Using the device with chromatic pulses;
– With the use of the sinaptofor;
– Using synaptophor;
– Epilation of the genes.