The Family Health Center “Galaxia”, private health care facility, was established in 1998. It was one of the first private companies in the field of medicine in the Republic of Moldova. The Center has undergone reforms in team building, and became a medical institution designed to provide high-quality medical care.

The mission of the Family Health Center “Galaxia” is to guarantee medical services at an advanced level according to patients’ needs and expectations and create the best environment for implementing modern technology in healthcare and building a positive team spirit.

Our main goal is to significantly contribute to improvement of health of the population. We provide patient care and a full range of prophylactic, diagnostic, and therapeutic services according to the European and international standards.

This goal will beachieved byimplementing and maintaining the quality management system designed and documented in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in th ewhole Family Health Center “Galaxia”. This system is applied to the medical services provided at “Galaxia” by setting the following strategic objectives:

Our vision

  • Continuous improvement of the medical and prophylactic services according to patients’ expectations and appropriate regulations;
  • Development and maintainence of the professional environment to meet the requirements of quality standards and satisfy the needs of beneficiaries, employees, and other interested parties;
  • Implementation of the latest developments in medical technology to provide safe and high-quality environment for medical investigations and procedures;
  • Development of the favorabil environment for Information Technology (IT), which would allow to approprietly collect, analyze, and utilize medical information for efficient medical services management;
  • Clinical performance adjustment according to standards used in European and other developed countries;
  • Continuous professional team development and motivational staff education to raise awareness of the importance of high quality patient care.
240Persons involved in activity of Medical Center
552000Patient visits
20Years of activity
22Patients attached to the family doctors

Strategic objectives are based on the specific objectives of the process, which is accomplished according to the program quality objectives approved by the General Director of “Balcombe” Ltd, Family Health Center “Galaxia”.

The quality management system will be monitored through internal audit and regularly reviewed at the Quality Committee meetings to ensure compliance with adopted principles and guarantee effectiveness and continuous health care services quality improvement at the Center.

The General Director of “Balcombe” Ltd., supported by the management team of the Family Health Center “Galaxia”, expresses his full commitment to implement and continuously improve the quality management system.

The entire staff is encouraged to take personal responsibility for the quality of all activities carried out and developed at the Center.

General Director „Balcombe” Ltd.
December 29, 2010