Gastrologist’s Consultation

Instrumental investigations of internal organs (liver, pancreas, spleen, biliary bladder);
Esofagogastroduodenoscopy with pH assess, cytological determination of Helycobacter pylori and sampling for biopsy;
– Drug infiltration of duodenal ulcers that are non-responding to treatment;
– Selective drug vagotomy;
– Endoscopic polypectomy;
– Endoscopic sclerosis of dilated varicose esophageal veins

Laboratory tests:
– General blood test;
– Biochemical analysis of blood;
– Blood coagulation test;
– Markers of viral hepatitis;
– Coprology;
– Determination of helminth eggs;
– Determination of pathogens of disinterment in the biological substrate;
– Determination of salmon in the biological substrate;
– Determination of pathogenic escherition in the biological substrate;
– Examination of faecal mass to pathogenic flora (by semicantitative method);
– Determination of intestinal dysmicrobism;


– Ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum;
– Dyskinesia of the bile ducts;
– Chronic colitis;
– Hepatitis and other diseases of the liver
– Chronic pancreatitis;
– Chronic cholecystitis;
– Irritable colon disease, etc.