Surgical Department

Surgical service in the Health Family Center “Galaxia” has been organized since 2002. Surgical assistance is divided in 2 departments with 30 beds, which have 3 surgery blocks and the intensive care unit with a capacity of 4 beds.

Surgery Department Nr. 1

The department offers services in the field of general surgery, including laparoscopic and endoscopic methods in the hepatobiliopancreatic surgical pathologies, traditional hernioplasty, apendectomy, cholecystectomies, thyroid gland infections.
Also, department technologies are adapted for orthopedic-traumatological and vertebrological interventions. Diagnostic and curative arthroscopy is performed in articular pathology, hip and knee arthroplasty, fracture osteosynthesis in different segments, corrective osteotomies, articular arthrodes. Interventions in vertebrology: disc hernias, lumbar stenosis, scoliosis, vertebral trauma, benign vertebral tumors.
Microsurgical interventions: in lesions of tendons, muscles, nerves, plaques in tissue defects.

Surgery Department Nr. 2

The department offers surgical services in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
The department is also specialized and equipped with the necessary technologies for performing laparoscopic and traditional interventions in the field of gynecology, urology and otolaryngology.
Specialists with higher qualifications, experience and satisfactory treatment results work in the department.

General Surgery

– Diagnostic laparoscopy (with biopsy);
– Colecistectomia;
– Treatment of hiatal hernia;
– Treatment of cardiac achalasia;
– Apendectomy;
– Removing serous cysts from the liver, kidneys

– Apendectomy, cholecystectomy;
– Grinwild gastric Baypass (in obesity);
– Herniotomy, hernioplasty (inguinal hernia, umbilical, white line, postoperative);
– Flebectomy;
– Removal of anal fissure;
– Hemoroidectomy;
– Electrocoagulation of rectal polyps;
– Block excision of the coccigean dermoid cyst with the application of sutures;
– Surgical treatment of wounds;

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

– Partial facial lifting;
– Total facial lifting with SMAS;
– Contour Plaster, Botax, Restylane;
– Eyelid correction;
– Ear correction;
– Correction of mammary glands by application of implants (silicone, hydrogel);
– Correction of mammary gland by mastopexy;
– Reduction of the mammary gland;
– Abdomenoplasty;
– Liposuction;
– Treatment (without surgery) of varicose veins by sclerosis of veins (sclerotherapy);
– Removal of lipomas, atheromas, nevi, hemangiomas, scars, tattoos;
– Correction of genitals.