Quality policy

The Family Health Center “Galaxia” is a private medical institution, a part of the National Health System, accredited in healthcare based on the Act # 552-XV of 18 October 2001. The main purpose of the FHC”Galaxia” is providing high quality medical services to address specific health problems of patients (customers) and contribute to population health improvement.

We would like to become one of the prestigious medical institutions by investing in highly qualified personnel, medical equipment, and techniques. These goals will be achieved by implementing the innovation policy and comparative analysis of the best practices in the industry to continuously maintain a high level of excellence throughout the company.

The company will continue:

  • Providing financial and personnel resources for high quality service maintenance and continuous Quality Management System improvement;
  • Arranging training in the Quality Management System for all employees and utilizing fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to execute operational duties in a competent manner;
  • Maintaining afair andcreative work environment,which would support,promote, andremuneratenew ideas, innovations and hard work;
  • Initiating adequate response to inappropriate quality of care according to the company’s management commitment;
  • Achievingcorporate objectivesand performance indicatorsspecified inthe company’s policy.

The FHC “Galaxia” will develop and continuously improve the Quality Management System, comparative assessment of the performance of the Center against other companies in the area, open communication with our clients and a commitment to support and involve employees in quality assurance.

The FHC “Galaxia” will develop and maintain Interpersonal Skills training programs for the staff. We emphasize the importance of professional development and spread of knowledge and skills for quality improvement.

Each structural subdivision of the FHC “Galaxia” plays an important role in maintainence and continuous improvement of the quality management system, and appropriate documentation. Administration is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Quality Management System and recognition of the impact of quality improvement.

FHC “Galaxia” together with customers and suppliers will continue performance improvement process to contribute to quality development  throughout the entire value chain.

General Director
Maciuca Valeriu