Aesthetic Surgery

Surgical correction of mammary glands. Correction of body contour. Plastic surgery for the eyelid and face correction. Plastic surgery of the genitals. Ear correction.

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Home Medical Care

Annual Subscription Service. Providing health care on the basis of Individual Contracts, for families and collectives with advantageous conditions. Contracts for the provision of “Consultation and Home Diagnostic Assistance”. A comprehensive medical prophylactic exam for assessing health.

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Primary Medical Care

12 teams of family doctors, about 22,500 people from the whole city and other localities.

The Family Physician’s Office, opened in 2011 on Băcioii Noi Street, providing primary medical services for about 3,000 people, it is considered to be a municipal district.

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Health Family Centre „GALAXIA” - 20 years of success

Health Family Center “GALAXIA” has a successful history. It start work with only a few collaborators. Over two decades, the Health Family Center “GALAXIA” meet a team of professionals nationally and internationally recognized and create the necessary conditions for medical care at the expectations of its patients.

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Family Health Center “Galaxia” Why the Family Health Center “Galaxia”?

Looking to the history of Family Health Center “Galaxia” we can asserts the achievement of remarkable results in the field of activity.

240Persons involved in the Center’s activity
11University Professors
20Years of activity
22People deserved by the Family Doctors